CounselPRO Private Practice

CounselPRO Private Practice

CounselPRO is an information management tool for counselling professionals. Record relevant Client and consultation information, print reports and produce graphs automatically.


CounselPRO Schools

CounselPRO Schools

CounselPRO is an information management tool for all school counselling professionals. Record Student details and consultations. Print reports and produce relevant graphs automatically.




Powerful, Professional, easy to use Invoicing System for any small business. NZ and Australian versions. Single user and Multi-user.




Gives all Auctioneers an easy to use, professional auction management system. In daily use in Auction Houses since 1994. NZ, Australian and UK versions available



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  • New Multi-User version of CounselPRO systems.
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    We now offer Support by Remote Control.     This means if you have any sort of problem on your computer or with your software, you can
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    Updates are now available on the web site or through contact with Donald at Microsale NZ, for all programs. The updates will only work if a
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    We are very pleased to say that you are viewing our new updated Web Site.  We hope you like it. All the design and process of getting the
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Client Recommendations

  • ~ Testimonial from Villanova College (Aus) after 3 years of using CounselPRO

    CounselPRO by Microsale. For schools or private practice.


    As a school counsellor of 20years experience I have found the careful [and secure] keeping of records of more and more concern. The amount of paper build up in the office is incredible and then there are all the records of those clients who are no longer active. I have tended to send them to the past school records secure area but of course some students [who I’ve seen in grade 5 – when our school begins] might go dormant and then resurface in later years so I need to keep those records accessible for at least 8/9 years. And then there is the various paper reports [WISC’s, WIAT’s, Conner’s etc]. All in all I’d gradually come to the decision that I need to make the dive into the 21st century and go paperless as far as possible. So, with my colleague [who is a psychologist], I began to look around.


    It wasn’t a quick, or easy search [Google may be your friend but, despite the reputation it can’t give you the answer when you don’t even know the questions!] but eventually we were able to settle on a program that we thought would meet our needs – and you can even download a trial version.


    That was two years ago and we both think it was one of the best decisions we made. The program is called CounselPRO and comes from New Zealand [all but local!] in both school and private practice versions. It already met most of our needs but it was also customisable which is a real bonus.


    Rather than try to explain it all let me list some of the features.


    • Fully searchable database
    • Ability to choose between active/non-active and all databases.
    • Future appointment making and past consultation recording
    • Full client details data page [including facility to include a picture – a bonus for those of us who have trouble putting faces to names or vice a versa]
    • Ability to print a complete client report of all sessions.
    • Ability to scan images, reports or add any other electronic files [such as e-mail] to unique client folder.
    • Ability to classify [and even sub classify] client presenting issues [eg Grief & Loss – sibling]
    • Ability to graph [bar, pie, line] entire client group in any particular year according to classification, sub-classification, consultation type, ethnicity, referral – and many others. Also possible to do a comparison graph over years of practice.
    • Ability to produce reports of same.
    • Ability to customise business details, consultation fields, appointment times etc.
    • Note writing facility with the usual formatting, spell check etc.
    • Built in back up / copy file facility.
    • And more that either don’t apply to my circumstance or I haven’t discovered yet!


    Add to all that excellent service and backup support [the owner of the company can link to your computer if you wish it to help sort out those issues you might have on a time by time basis using a program called Team-viewer].


    I don’t often write a testimonial but this program is too good to keep to myself. I’d also like to say that I receive no benefits from this review [other than know I’m possibly doing my fellow counsellors a good turn.



    Adrian Hellwig FACA, M Bus [Communication], B.Theol, Dip counselling]

  • ~ Vic Nicholson Plumbers.

    I was introduced to the Microsale Invoicing programme eight years ago. In the past fifteen years I have used a number of invoicing programmes.
    Becoming familiar with the Microsale programme was very easy. It has proved to be a very practical programme for invoicing and quoting, with importing of our supplier’s pricelist.
    It also has a very effective collection of reports available which we use for debtor control, sales and stock analysis, and job costing, with other options as well.
    It has a comprehensive database for easily tracking our customers and their debts, receipts and past sales and payment history.
    There are so many simple features which make it a good hands on tool for us.
    Easy to use. No need for third party bookkeepers.
    A very professional programme which is also very Tradesman-friendly.
    Thanks for your great personal support on those rare occasions when we have needed to call on you. We recommend your programme and can be contacted by prospective new users.
    Regards, Vince at Vic Nicholson Plumbers. Phone 03 4550505 Mobile 0275147783

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