Teamviewer Remote control software

We now offer Support by Remote Control.     This means if you have any sort of problem on your computer or with your software, you can allow one time access to your computer so we can get in and sort out what is going on.

This will mean no big hassles for you, no having to try and explain what is going on.  We will just get in and fix it…..or let you know what is required to fix it.

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Client Recommendations

  • Peter McMillan- Counsellor Orewa College

    CounselPro is an excellent resource for our school Guidance Department. It enables us to maintain confidential notes and access data that summarises Year levels and presenting issues. Donald provides excellent support. He is consistently available by phone and always willing to answer questions and sort out any difficulties by accessing CouselPro via Teamviewer. I highly recommend this resource.

    Best wishes

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