Vic Nicholson Plumbers.

I was introduced to the Microsale Invoicing programme eight years ago. In the past fifteen years I have used a number of invoicing programmes.
Becoming familiar with the Microsale programme was very easy. It has proved to be a very practical programme for invoicing and quoting, with importing of our supplier’s pricelist.
It also has a very effective collection of reports available which we use for debtor control, sales and stock analysis, and job costing, with other options as well.
It has a comprehensive database for easily tracking our customers and their debts, receipts and past sales and payment history.
There are so many simple features which make it a good hands on tool for us.
Easy to use. No need for third party bookkeepers.
A very professional programme which is also very Tradesman-friendly.
Thanks for your great personal support on those rare occasions when we have needed to call on you. We recommend your programme and can be contacted by prospective new users.
Regards, Vince at Vic Nicholson Plumbers. Phone 03 4550505 Mobile 0275147783

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