Latest CounselPRO updates

V2021.9:  (Sept 2021)       -A Counselling Feedback option is now available, this allows the Student or Client to rate their Counselling experience.    The option to add documents, and other files to a unique folder for the Student has been updated.  You can now select files to add and the program will copy these automatically.

V2021.8:  (Aug 2021)       -New Graphs have now been added to the Stats screen (Graphing and Reports section).  The individual Student Numbers stats that were previously only available as reports are now also available as graphs (Bar, pie etc)

V2021.6:  (June 2021)       -A new button on the Main Menu, “Stats etc”. This button is where you can do the stats on the current database, and also check out previous databases without affecting other users in the program.  ie You can go back to the database for 2017, perform stats, look up Student/Clients and Session info as it was in 2017.  The Past Databases section is now here and NOT in the Setup Screen, beside the New Year Tasks, as it was previously.

V2021.5:         -The Setup Screen button has been removed from the Main Menu and replaced with a new button, Stats. This is for the CounselPRO Administrator or the nominated Counsellor.  You will only need the level 1 password.  It makes a copy of the database and takes you directly to the Graphing and Reporting Screen where you can process, Save and print all the school counselling stats without affecting other users of the program.   In the past the production of reports etc may have caused issues with other Counsellors using the program at the same time.

V2021.4:         -Two new default reports have been implemented.  Individual Student numbers by Referred calculated monthly or yearly.  So if a student is seen in March and June, they will count twice in the monthly report, but only once in the yearly report.  For your information each report can also be printed in pdf format, and each report is also automatically created as a csv file.   Once you’ve created the report,  viewed and then closed, you’ll see the newly created csv file in the CP-DOCS folder (the folder icon on the Reports and Charts screen).
V2021.4:         -A new look interface, and many small updates and bug fixes.
V2019.10:         -Two new default reports have been implemented.  Individual Student numbers by Ethnicity calculated on a monthly basis, and also calculated as a total over a selected year.  So if a student is seen in March and June, they will count twice in the monthly report, but only once in the yearly report.  For your information each report can also be printed in pdf format, and each report is also automatically created as a csv file.   Once you’ve created the report,  viewed and then closed, you’ll see the newly created csv file in the CP-DOCS folder (the folder icon on the Reports and Charts screen).

V2019.8:         -You now can Nominate a Counsellor to be the one that can print off all other counsellors graphs and reports  (ie stats), and is also the one that gets the reminder to do the backup of CounselPRO when exiting the program.   Other Counsellors (the non nominated counsellors ) can only print their own stats and the overall stats in the graphs and reports section.  The default nominated Counsellor is Counsellor No.1.  To change this go to the Business details section and change to Administrator to see the Administrator options.  Change the Nominated Counsellor Number there.

V2019.8:         -When adding a new session for a student, the Session Type, Classification, Sub Classification and Referred records will now be filled with the same information from the previous Session entered for the student/client.  This should save some time entering the session information used for stats.  If you do not want this to happen, go into the Business Setup screen, change to Administrator and then uncheck the checkbox “Copy previous session info”.

V2019.6:         -The unique folder for each student/client is now defaulted to the same folder location as your database.  So if you have your database in a folder on the School Server, then when you click on the folder icon for the selected client in the Session or client screen, the program will look for the folder on the School Server.  If you do not want this to happen – you want the unique folders to be on your local computer, then go into the Business Setup screen, change to Administrator and then check (put a tick in) the checkbox “Client folders on local drive”.  If you keep the folders on your school server then you won’t have the possibility of losing the information in these folders when changing computers or your computer crashes.

V2019.6:         -Some help videos are now available. These will be updated when new features are added to CounselPRO or to re-inforce some of the trickier concepts. You can access these from the CounselPRO Main Menu (after v2019.6) or from the CounselPRO schools support page on this website. If there are any requests for more help videos, please let us know.

V2019.6:         -You can now set up GROUPS of Students and have all students automatically updated when you add a new Session to a Group.

V2019.4:         -You now don’t need to log out of CounselPRO and log back in as Administrator to perform various      “Administrator” tasks.  As long as you know the CounselPRO Administrator password you can perform these tasks while still logged into the program as a Counsellor.

V2019.4:         -Ability to share individual Sessions with another Counsellor or All Counsellors.  This might be useful if you have  a Student Counsellor, or if you don’t want to Share all sessions with all Counsellors (ie. View all notes), but want the flexibility to be able to share the occasional session information with another counsellor.

V2019.4:         -New update method.  Can check for updates and install very easily from within the program.  NB : A Password will be required so only paid up Supported Clients will be able to install the latest update.

V2019.4:         -Tag vulnerable students/clients with an updated Filter.  The filter is able to be populated with a list of “tags” set by you, the Counsellors.   You can then view and print the filtered list.

V2019.4:         -CounselPRO has been modernised with an updated new look. Feedback welcomed. 🙂

V2019.4:         -CounselPRO has a new version just for Administrators. Any Administrator can install the new version and do the import of students, add Counsellor names etc without having access to the Session/Consultation notes section. The Level 2 password is not required. This should help to make life easier for busy Counsellors.

V2019.3:         -Any csv file containing your students can now be imported using the Self Designed import option (to go along with the Kamar, PC School and Musac import options.

V2019.3:         -Add your own web link – so you can easily go to the website of your choice from within CounselPRO.

V2019.3:         -When searching for a client under the Lastname option, you can type in Lastname,Firstname.  eg Smith,S   to find a lastname of Smith with a firstname starting with S.  a,b to find the first person with a lastname starting with A and Firstname starting with B.

V2019.3:         -Option to alter “Consultation” to your own individual choice eg “Session”, “Meeting” etc.

V2019.3:         -New Gender option.  NB : Non Binary for those that don’t identify with either Male or Female Genders.  Reports, pdfs and csv files have been re-designed to include numbers and totals for this Gender.

V2019.3:         -If the View all Notes option is selected, you can now block individual clients from sharing their notes with other Counsellors.

V2018.11:        -Print students consult list in date order – with or without notes, between any two dates .  (this also applies to the report for all students between any two dates.)

-There is now an automatic monthly reminder for backing up the database. (On Counsellor 1’s program only).  The CounselPRO Backup Database system is important to run as it compacts the database and fixes small problems as well.

-New Minimize and Maximize buttons.

V2018.9:          -New Classification Filter checkbox to enable Consult List and Student List reports of students seen for one particular classification.

-A new Graph has been added so you can compare three years of data for one particular classification.

V2018.4:          -There is now the ability the change a Counsellors level1 password from within the program if they have forgotten it. You will need to login as the CounselPRO Administrator, then go to the Business Setup Screen.  Click on the Counsellors Name that you want to change the password for, the click on the LOCK icon, and follow the prompts from there.

-Instead of manually going through all students who have left or are in Y14 to check if they are still classed as active or not, there is a button to remove all Active tags from these students.  You can always go back and make active the one or two students who have left that you still see.

-You can filter the students by Year Level as well now.

-There is now a filter for the detail1 field.  You may want to highlight various students at risk for example .  This filter may help with that.  The filters stay active for printing as well (Student List). Eg If you want to print a list of all students with the same text in the detail1 field, you click on the filter button to the right of the detail1 record, then click on Student List to just print those students.

-You can now printout all the Consultation fields you have listed.  Go to the Consultation Field window then click on the printer icon.

-You can now add automatic (or one off) Headings for each consultation.  (A Template)

These changes are also detailed in the latest manual.

Thank you to all the Counsellors who have asked questions and made suggestions about improvements that could be made in the program.  With your help the program will continue to get more and more useful to all Counsellors.

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Client Recommendations

  • Alison – Onehunga High School

    I have been using the CounselPRO programme to manage my case load since 2011.  All the confidential data is securely stored in one place and I no longer need to do session notes on paper.  It’s easy to use and the tech support from Donald is fantastic and greatly appreciated.  Donald frequently updates the programme according to the users needs and to ensure quality of the programme is to the highest standard. I particularly like the Charts and Reports function which allows users to analyse and organise data with a simple click.  The Health Questionnaires also help me add extra information about the clients to their profiles.  I highly recommend this programme for counsellors to use.

    Warm regards,


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